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To My Fellow Photographers

I believe in collaboration and community over competition. I know that I wouldn't be where I am without the help of other photographer mentors throughout the years. Therefore, I want to do the same for others! Here's a few resources that I want to extend to you.

Here's a blog post I recently created that dives in to the game-changing programs/software I use in my workflow.

There's a lot of talk about presets. It seems like everyone is selling theirs nowadays. Some are super expensive, others are free but not very good :(. I'm selling mine for a fair price that we small businesses can actually afford :)

You can purchase my "San Diego + beyond" locations packet. It's a beautifully-formatted PDF that I send to all of my clients that want to choose a location for their session. It has all of my tried and tested best locations for San Diego + around SoCal. It helps clients see a comprehensive (yet not overwhelming) list divided into "vibes" they could be looking for. It also has mini descriptions of each place. Photogs can purchase and use this list for their clients for only $30! 

In addition to my location guide, I also sell other photog resources, like my wedding contract, portrait, and wedding information guide.

It's hard to portray how awesome you are when giving all your details to your clients and having them sign a big, scary contact. When booking a client, image is everything. You need to look your best, while also answering all of their questions and being personable throughout. With this in mind, my information guides and contracts make it easy and relieving for clients. 

Wedding Contract ~ covers everything you could think of to protect yourself and your clients, all in a beautiful and un-intimidating way.

Portrait and Wedding Info Guides ~ These are two information guides I give to clients when they are thinking of booking with me. It breaks down pricing, shows some portfolio work, shows clients what they are investing in, and getting a taste of what their wedding could look like. It's customizable, informational, and gorgeous!

$30 for each, $70 for all three!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Seen at:

Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park

My Big Fair Wedding, Del Mar

The Wedding Party Expo, Liberty Station

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