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I want to start off by saying thank you. Thank you for choosing to invest in yourself and your family, because photography is one of the most important things you can do. That's because it's about preserving memories! My whole life, my mom hung my grandma's baby pictures, my great-grandma's wedding photos, and her dad's Army portrait in our hallway. These little pieces of paper in a frame mean a lot to us, and they stand the test of time.


 Although photographs showcase great memories, there's so much more to it. It's supposed to be a fun and unique experience, too. A laughter-filled, dancing around, going-on-an-adventure experience. When you hire a me as a photographer, you get more than just some pretty photos. I want to work with you to create your dream session. Let's find something totally "you," whether that's climbing a mountain, wearing fun outfits, or dipping in the ocean. Let's personalize this shindig and create something you can be excited about forever!


 If this sounds like something you're into, then I bet we'd be great together 😜. Send me a message in the "contact" tab, and we'll get those creative ideas flowing!

Serving San Diego and wherever else you want to take me!

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Seen at:

Museum of Photographic Arts, Balboa Park

My Big Fair Wedding, Del Mar

The Wedding Party Expo, Liberty Station

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