Mission - parallel33 photography

The Story of P33

since 2014

Since I first got my hands on a camera, I've absolutely loved creating memories for people and getting out of my comfort zone. Parallel33 Photography was born in San Diego, where the 33rd parallel crosses. The 33rd parallel also crosses in Israel, the Christian holy land. The number 3 and 33 hold Biblical significance (Jesus dying at age 33, the Trinity, 33 as connected to God's promises, numeric equivalent of "amen," the list goes on). I aspire to bring honor and glory to God through my art, thus the name became what it is today. 

What makes me different: There are too many overpriced photographers out there who flaunt their over-edited, yet limited captures. I believe in a reasonable price for real people. My top priority is quality AND quantity. Unlike others, I strive to make sure clients receive every photograph at its highest resolution. This way, you will never have to settle for a few images, but you'll get to choose from all the ones we create. My purpose is to stay true to the world and people I photograph, which means no major alterations or distorted photographs. I like to keep things pure and simple :). 

Let's create something worthwhile together!


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