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Portrait Photography

(including but not limited to: senior, business, family, modeling, newborn/infant, maternity, personal, graduation, engagement)



One hour session = $120

+ every additional 30 minutes = $30

+ drive longer than 25 minutes = $10 per 15 minutes

I charge from the client’s scheduled time until the time we stop (excluding 25+ minute drives, in which I also charge driving time). Editing time is included in shooting cost. One hour minimum.

Receiving photos from me:

• The client will receive every photograph, so they can pick the best based on their preference and opinion.

• The client will receive the photos via WeTransfer, a file (jpg) transferring website that safely and easily sends the highest quality (full resolution) photos directly to the client’s email address. The email will include a download button where the client can download all of their photos to their computer or smart phone/tablet.

• I will edit all photos naturally and without any major alterations/photoshopping, as heavy editing is against my philosophy. If a client wishes for more alterations, an arrangement can be made to satisfy their request.

• Additionally, I will post all or a selection of photos to my website (p33.smugmug.com/p33photography.com) under a unique gallery name, so the client can access their photos on my website and for my own marketing purposes and portfolio building. They will receive a url and can use the link however they please. Clients may also download photos through their gallery.

• Clients are guaranteed to receive their photos within two weeks, but I usually take no more than three days to get the photos to my clients.


• I expect to be paid by cash or check made out to "Bree Hulan" the day of the scheduled shoot.

• With permission of the client, I will also post photos to my Facebook page and/or to my business Instagram for marketing purposes.

• My website has the option to make galleries “private.” This could mean either 1) setting a password so only people with the password can access the gallery or 2) people can only access the gallery with the unique link (ex: for people that would want to share only with their friends and family but not to the public). This would also mean I could not use your photos for my own marketing/advertising purposes unless approved by the client.

• My website offers an option for prints/keepsakes for your photos. Since the photos are already on the site, it is quick and easy to buy photo gifts and prints. There are tons of different options and products to check out. Delivery is fast and the quality is high. I also would get a percentage of the profits. However, if the client does not want to purchase prints from my website, they are free to find prints etc. at any other outlet that suits them since they have the photos downloaded. I recommend using York Photo for good quality products. They constantly have amazing deals on their homepage that I always use. If you let me know, I will send you a link for 60 free 4x6 prints, plus 20 free prints when you make an account with them.

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